Boutique Homeopathic and Natural Medicine

Ultimately, true health is less about instant solutions and much more about a well conceived investment, one with excellent returns.

Dr. Julia Parke

Homeopathic Consultation:
Fundamental basis of nature cure

Comprehensive evaluation resulting in a homeopathic prescription. Addresses mental, emotional and physical health including:

  • • Constitutional and acute prescribing. Very safe and effective. Distinctive and individualized approach to restoration of health.
  • • See FAQ page for more infomation. Lab studies, reviews and recommendations
  • • Physical exam assessment

Naturopathic Medicine Consultation:

Comprehensive evaluation. A distinctive, individualized approach to restoration of health..

Lab studies, reviews and recommendations. Bioidentical Hormonal Rx in keeping with physiologic ranges. Detailed plan addresses mental, emotional and physical health concerns.

Botanical Medicines:

Custom formulations for acute and chronic conditions; in-house compounding

Herbs are selected for the patient's specific needs (organ, endocrine, and nervous systems, etc.)

Tinctures are compounded with 25 years of in the field experience in prescribing and formulating herbal medicines, selected from long standing herbal traditions of both the East and West.

Sound Healing: Tuning Forks

Sound healing ascribing to "Acutonics" model. Tuning forks are a profound tool for healing transformation through sound and frequency. Specific frequencies applied to select points attune subtle bodies and energetic systems (chakras and meridians) and therefore, support a dynamic and balanced integration of the mental/emotional/physical axis. Especially well suited for sensitive individuals.    Read more...

Bioidentical Hormone Prescribing:

25 years+ experience in advanced and expert lab analysis for superior treatment options with natural hormones.
Evaluation and prescription of bio-identical hormones with emphasis in women's health.
DUTCH panel testing, and other specialty labs.

An Integrated Treatment Plan

Minimal prescription/pharmaceutical use. Over twenty-five years experience with extensive natural and conventional prescriptive authority, with studied and artful integration of naturopathic/conventional medicine. Explore your options for minimizing prescription drug use.

An Individualized Plan

A plan designed for each person, according to his or her total and unique health requirements


From your strength and flexibility come the ultimate rewards: a greater capacity to do what you love; to be present for those whom you love, to perform creatively, and to be free of unnecessary distractions and physical limitations.
This is true health, and this is what is possible.

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