Design Flourish


Design Flourish

Eclectic Nature of Naturopathic Medicine

It is my true joy to bring to you, personally, the treasured art and science of Naturopathic Medicine. Not only do Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.) draw deeply from the healing roots of several traditions, but also, we pioneer scientifically based treatments and explore advanced philosophies to effect significant healing outcomes and to expand our understanding of long observed healing traditions.

Each culture has a unique healing heritage blended of its own collective experience in medicinal practices, many of which have stood the test of time, some of which have been lost , some which are rare. All deserve respect and some, especially, stimulate research, study, and practice. Eventually we glean the best of all traditions and nourish our far-flung, rich, and trusted art of healing.

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The Healing Process

Healing is a process which begins by evoking a response from within, the stimulation of the ‘vital force’. We employ medicines that are specific in biochemical action to each organ system: medicines that support the restoration of normal cellular, glandular and organ function.

An in-depth personalized approach, which takes all of these factors into account, yields a diagnosis and treatment plan that will truly be unique and carefully specialized for each patient.


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Dr. Julia Parke ND

Your health and healing is a way of living, a personal journey in life. It is my honor to devise a comprehensive, individualized health assessment and formulate a personalized health strategy and treatment plan. This will support your process of healing and wellness, your personal discovery and restoration of creative expression.

Dr. Julia Parke

Treatment Plans

A plan designed exclusively for you.

A special beauty exists in Naturopathic Medicine in that it lends itself so well to individualized care. Each patient is unique as to the causation of his/her illness- a multi-faceted conundrum of personal perceptions, external exposures, and individual biological variation. We explore the root cause of illness, whether physical, mental or emotional in origin, and treat to assist the unfolding of unique, healing processes so that one might claim a personal, healthy and curative experience.

Health Can Be Yours

From your strength and flexibility come the ultimate rewards: a greater capacity to do what you love; to be present for those whom you love, to perform creatively, and to be free of unnecessary distractions and physical limitations.

This is true health, and this is what is possible.

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