About Sound Healing

About Tuning Forks
About Tuning Forks

Tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, Rain sticks and music are all used in acoustic healing sessions.

Using forks as vibrational medicine is a valid and important way to align the physical body with universal forces around us. We are naturally and harmonically attuned to nature when we are healthy. The sounds of nature, such as wind howling, or water rippling, or the chirping of birds follow natural tone scales to which the tuning forks are also tuned. In fact, tones matched to the vibrational frequencies of our planets match those found in nature, and are therefore repeated and reinforced when applying tuning forks vibration to our bodies. ‘As above, So below.’

Tuning forks are hand held tools precisely tuned to specific sound frequencies. Most people think of them as being used as a reference tone to help the accurate tuning of a musical instrument. In healing work, frequencies are used to evoke specific reactions ~usually within the auric fields or through meridian points. For example: The vibrations produced when the forks are struck may act to tonify, disperse, warm, or cool; these examples describe actions ascribed to specific frequencies.

Each tuning fork frequency may be produced in as many as 4 different octaves.

The meridians of the physical body have several entry points, called acupuncture or meridian points, or just ‘points’. This point system is utilized in the course of both acupuncture and tuning fork treatments. Chakras, or the seven major energy centers aligning the central axis, can also be treat directly.

Tuning fork treatments can focus on acute complaints or on a constitutional problem just as needle treatments are widely adapted to the needs of the individual. With forks, the practitioner can select the most advantageous frequencies to treat the present imbalance.

Usually two forks will be used simultaneously for their combined action: each fork is medicinal, therefore, the learned art of point and fork selection will largely affect the experience of the patient. Musical intervals, specific frequencies, and octaves are all considered in fork selection. Studies in the location and function of points and meridians are essential to adeptly apply this elegant but powerful modality. As well, musical knowledge is an asset.

It is as if we are applying music, or a personal song, to further harmonize with frequencies that reassert balanced organ systems and reverberate in unison with the world around us. This effect influences mental and emotional health alike. It is vibration as medicine. Organized vibrational frequency is the basis of all aspects of the human being, of life itself; it determines all material presence, all distinctive qualities expressed in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

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